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About HDP Enterprises

HDP Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India is a privately owned limited company that provides world class qualified residential and commercial space with top-notch amenities in the Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Directors of the company are well versed with the construction industry and the local markets of Pune City. The Directors have an overall experience of 30 years in the Real Estate Business and capable of handling major challenges in technical, commercial & financial area of the operations. The directors have a few projects planned for the future apart from residential and commercial, for example- resorts and IT parks. The company also thinks about the community and so is coming up with inexpensive apartments in Hadapsar in the next 4-5 years.

Our Mission

HDP Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provide full-service in statistically monitored environment. We are dedicated to providing leading services to our customers.

Company Profile

HDP Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. belongs to the hardworking and honest entrepreneurs’ family of Mr. D. D. Pawar and their associate groups from the construction and infrastructure field. The group incorporates of people from all walks of life including construction, engineering, project management, architecture, landscaping, banking, power, logistics and marketing.

Company Ownership

2 directors and 1 executive director.

Company Location

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Sr. 53/1A, Ghorpadi, B. T. Kawade road, Pune-36

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